Leads: Our Solution

Virtual Internet Group understands that in a "cost per acquisition" world, there must be a direct link between action, results and cost. We use advanced "search and capture" methods that blend together a range of web-based initiatives and tools to maximize the leads you receive and lower your cost of acquiring them. Since the Internet is an ever-evolving marketing platform we work closely to monitor your results and take quick and efficient action to maximize performance and return.


SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Most companies are overwhelmed with the task of managing online search especially with so many options and alternative engines available on the Internet today. Virtual Internet Group offers comprehensive search engine optimization services that seek out opportunities across a wide variety of these engines to bring you powerful and meaningful results for your business.

ISO: Intelligent Search Optimization

Working along side you to understand your business and objectives is the most important part of what we do at Virtual Internet Group. Our search options offer you the best potential when we blend automated, software-based key word ranking with "relationship" understanding and editing. We take what we know about your objectives and ensure that your ranking campaigns are strongly influenced not just by what technology tells us but also by you and what you need to achieve.

Dynamic Marketing

You have to move fast to capitalize on opportunities to capture leads especially on-line. We monitor results and take tactical actions to bring results over the life of all the campaigns we run.

Cost: Virtual Internet group manages your campaigns to bring you maximum return at costs that meet your goals.

Virtual Internet Group Opens Lead Sources via:

  • Organic Search Results: Let us help you maximize your own potential.
  • Pay-Per-Click: Sounds easy but if done incorrectly it can cost more than it s worth.
  • Emails: If it is done right, it becomes a brochure for your business initiatives.
  • Promo-Marketing: Sweepstakes and give-away contests, people love 'em.

Creative Customized Solutions

Our staff will work with you to integrate our online solutions into your overall marketing plan. We can work with your in-house staff or your advertising agency to integrate seamlessly into your current activities or create a whole new campaign. VIG also offers a wide range of traditional media opportunities at a fraction of their normal cost via our product trading program* . Our roster of services includes:

  • Broadcast
  • In-flight magazines
  • Print Media
  • Outdoor
We also offer special promotional opportunities designed to fit the needs of your campaign. Product Trading is barter by another name! We can work with you to accept your goods and services to secure media at a cost you can afford while saving you valuable hard dollar resources.