The concept of Commercial Trade is not new, in fact, it has been around for a very long time and utilized by companies both large and small.

Commercial Trade works for any company who is making a purchase.

Our program is easy to understand and can allow you to leverage your inventory to make purchases both large and small for just about anything you might need to acquire. Think of the possibilities you now have at your fingertips to sell inventory at times you need to while securing advertising, goods or related services with- out ever spending one dollar in hard cash. Our single source distribution of your goods also ensures that your normal, mainstream distributors won’t be disrupted in any way.

We have shown hundreds of companies the power and impact commercial trade can make and how easy a process it really is.

Commercial Trade works for Suppliers.

Our program can expand your sales reach to anyone who “doesn’t have the budget” to make a purchase. Suppliers are paid by us in cash and can now sell to those who have inventory by bringing us in to the purchase loop. We will do all of the leg work from accessing the value of the inventory to be traded and quickly translate a dollar purchase into a commercial trade purchase.


Commercial Trade works for Consumers. will distribute all products accumulated through Commercial Trade, as they have for many years via their website highlighting the auction process that has made them famous! Hotels, Attractions, Restaurants, and many, many other organizations have successfully completed trade arrangements by selling via the model.

Commercial Trade works for Organizations.

Let us show how utilizing trade to fund your organizational goals from membership fees to project based fundraising can be made easier by utilizing inventory instead of hard cash. We have helped numerous organizations fund projects, both large and small all over the world.

Whatever you might need, give us a call, we can be part of the solution.

Whether you need advertising, fundraising assistance, or televisions, towels or linens we can help make any purchase more affordable by utilizing inventory as currency and preserving your cash resources. We have helped people, just like you to make purchases they thought would not be possible by utilizing our Commercial Trade Program.

Making it happen...

Virtual Internet Group and are working in complete conjunction with each other to ensure a smooth, easy transaction on every commercial trade we engage. Our belief is that it has to be easy to complete with all of the elements spelled out to everyone’s mutual satisfaction. Whether product based or advertising based we will ensure that all of the applicable information and restrictions are included in the base agreement so all parties will be happy with the end results.

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